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Useful, YES. Makes you a better Player, NO.
a) You have to disguise that you copied your shaman
-You can do that by causing enemy some trouble so he has to concentrate on that part.(on the vid I do that with 5 braves when I put shaman in hut, the one I get Tornadoed :D )

-First send your real shaman to the hut and then copy him. Often the copy effect will not be seen.

b) Keep them believing that the copy is the real shaman.
-Do with the ghost what you were doing before with your shaman and or the way your opponent expects you to behave. If you were camping and dodging, pretend to be doing that with your copy too.
╫If you were trying to attack him from the side attack the side but to make it more believable take 3 warriors and send them to enemies towers and keep ur shaman safe that way he believes the attack as real. Don’t make the attack look too dangerous cuz than opponent would go towards your Copy and blow the disguise. Else all would ignore the attack and make their final attack to finish you off, so when his shaman comes near the hut you light/blast them. If ur opponent goes after your shaman on the side you overdid the fake attack and he’ll expose the disguise and that will make him cautious and make him dodge or overreact and cast eq on the huts to stop any danger.
╫Pretend to be camping and moving backwards with the copy till you get him into the huts shaman range.
╩Defend your Copied Shaman, if they both are to be seen dodge with your copy more than with your shaman, send troops to the copy, and when they get into the range of the real but to them “fake shaman” light them.

c) Kill him in the least Manna-expensive way.
-Optimal only one blast. Sending him to water or to some FW’s that give him the rest.

When to do this shizzle?
-When you need to save as much manna as possible.
-When you are charging big spells and can’t start a shaman fight.[I often do this in 4 Walls, 4Way, NP. In 4way, People tend to keep lighting shamans and advance to cast EQ’s, what I do is go into a hut make a copy and send the copy to dodge lights and pretend to be participating in the shaman fight meanwhile he casts lights I charge Volc! I tell my ally to be cautios to not die and Spam light the opponents, to keep the pressure till I get the big spell].
-When you have such low pop that spending a light is way too much[This will be the reason 90% of the time you use this trick]

We usually make One Shaman Copy and make opponents guess which is the real one. They usually make ghosts and attack one of your shaman if it dies from one hit your opponent knows that the other one is the real shaman. That’s what we can use to our advantage by making two shaman copies and putting the real shaman into a hut. This way you keep them guessing when they get one shaman they know that the other one is the real one(keep 5 braves nearby so no ghosts can reach ur second ghost shaman and reveal the deception) make opponent spend lights meanwhile you charge big spells.

Positive-Psychological effect on the opponents:  They’ll keep opponent at tension not knowing what to expect from your erratic behavior and will make them more careful that-way spending more manna.

Negative-Your Opponents will get better by time: They start to take warriors with them so they go in securely and disarm any hut before they advance with their shaman, Leading them to do more multi-tasking and destroying your defense quickly with troops and than moving forward. But this has a good part that you at least have some more time at disposal till your shaman Reincarnates.

Other Ghost Tips:
-In the beginning on PP cast two ghost armies and train them to warriors, send them to a visible place for your opponent or better on a place where they may be trouble to your opponent. That way you’ll keep his warriors of you and meanwhile you don’t have any warrior you can build/upgrade more. Leave the 6 warriors in groups near each other making enemy to light them and lose a light. Especially early in game very efficient.
-Think of stuff, these come up ingame!


~ by Rinor Maloku on August 22, 2012.

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