Huts/Woods ratio and Harvesting a good article with a great video on NP.

1. Send Wood manually to all hut plans. 

Hut – 3 woods.

FW and Warrior Hut – 8 woods.

Tower – 5 woods.

You provide all plans with one wood pile less than needed. Last one will be taken to the nearest wood or woodpile. *good tip If you are building near a wood which your braves can’t take, they’ll raise their hands. What you need to do is send a pile of wood nearer than the wood(but not at the door they won’t take them)


If you send two braves to take some distant wood and bring to a hut plan you can aswell quickly harvest all nearby woods and then send them back.

Harvesting is never too much, well ok it can sometime :).

3.Upgrade all huts manually

That way you make sure that your wood won’t be cut down.

4. Watch the videos in this blog and pay attention to how wood is managed.

5.Harvest wood and leave it at places you plan to build later.

I was planning to do this article with a video, but when I thought about it. In almost all the videos here you’ll see proper wood management. playing as green . playing CR

Writing this article made me feel like repeating what I already said in many previous ones. I just wanted to stress the importance of caring about wood.

~ by Rinor Maloku on March 17, 2012.

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