Narrow Passage. emphasis on building/harvesting/upgrading

This video is mostly about building, harvesting and a killer tactic to use when you are the underdog.

I recommend watching all the 17 minutes, but you can go through these main points:

After converting on the island I make sure to harvest all woods prior to building.
1:55 I use shift clicking on hut to get the braves out.
2:32 The tower I build in mid to be able to build other huts in perfect square. *good habit.
Good observers notice that when I take out two braves to build another hut first I harvest nearby woods and then send those two with wood to the plan.*good habit
6:40 could have used the dismantle trick more but Greens attack got me out of the flow.
7:47 notice all wood manually to the FW plan *good habit
8:13 I harvest some wood which would look ridiculous but you see the reason later -> 9:07 *pre-planning good habit
9:07 I send two braves to build a tower and later I build there two huts which I plan to fill with FWs.
10:05 I send 3 braves to build a hut at front where I want to put FWs later. I often use the FW in huts trick where I ally wait for opponent to come near the hut and disally him(there is an article about that trick here).
10:40 copying your shaman as a decoy is always a good idea b4 BD.
11:30 I notice the other is BDing but having nearly 20 warrs I did’t want to put off the strat i was planning, and i was counting on my ally to deal with him.
14:50 I love clicking on objects, like trees or troops and hope that he sends his shaman in that direction.
15:20 how to send my warriors using followers panel 2 per hut
16:15 aim for enemies warrior hut and then bring your troops in. but don’t start BBing all your way through.
->what went later on: I put all plans possible on my side and send on each 2 braves and kept managing my warriors in enemies territory.

In maps like NP you need at least 2 warr huts and 2 FW huts.

~ by Rinor Maloku on February 12, 2012.

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