The FWs in huts Trick

Very handy trick, it causes confusion and is a Recall trick. As you see I just allied him even though I didn’t have any FW in he used all spells. He wasn’t a pro but the same would Pro’s do or they take warriors attack the huts and try to walk on the side, what I do is just ally him, wait for him, Select my FWs in huts shift click his shaman[FWs cast their first blasts which do not harm him], unally him[FWs cast the second blasts] and he’s in water.
You can use it in FO. As blue opponents often try to go for ur back. put 6 warriors in the huts right before your reincarnation side. When opponent starts coming hill down Ally him[he thinks you dont wan’t your braves to go out and die] keeps walking when he’s in between your huts with 6 fws dis ally him.

Anytime you BD build huts on the LBs and send FWs in, even without FWs it slows enemy shaman down which gives your shaman time to reincernate.

Another good Habit is to get used to LB places from where enemy might attack. Simple logic if you LB you can build def there, If enemy does your without defense.


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 9, 2012.

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