The Road to Pro (outro)

This site is quite helpful but becoming a great player is hard and needs years of Experience this helps you to not spend much time as a Frustrated Chimp and to make you right away a challanging player.

Here are straight forward directions that will help you on your way to Pro.

  • Don’t Noob Bash

Play games in which your the weakest player. At the same time play with noobs so sometime they’ll be a challenging player give them tips, give them the link to this site.

  • Get friends

If you play around 2am most often you’ll see the same players who also play around that time, Instead of making them opponents make them friends. With friends you have a better online experience. Get friends that are more skilled than you are, and especially make a Good friend whom you use to ally in Pro games. My ally is my Bro SemiShaman. Join games that are hard. This way both of you will start improving together.

  • Do 1v1s

One of the reasons is that while being the weakest player in every game you can learn a lot from others to the downside it gives you the possibility to hide behind the better player. You need to step up, Dare to Do a BD/Side, Get Hill. In 1v1s it’s you and your opponent no outside factors, You either show that you improved or you lose!

  • Don’t let Pride hinder your improvement

Even after three years of playing when someone gives me a tip on something I think about it. lately Shadow a skilled player told me to stop casting spells after him. I’m not sure I do that, but I did that game. That’s sth I’ll check on my next games.

  • Get in a good Clan

In the Popre community you’ll find a lot of members who try to get a win and show off and losing in that situation sucks, Being in a clan with players of your skill or higher gives you the opportunity to play games without any of you boasting about the outcome. At the same time in a clan you can make the best friends and the ones who tell you about your weak points.

  • Fair Play

This is an article I wrote on fair play

  • Suggestions on how to avoid frustration:
  1. Play with your friends,
  2. Don’t play with lag(ping over 230),
  3. Don’t play AsG worlds(if somehow always LB on),
  4. Make a list of players you had a bad experience with and don’t play with them,
  5. Be pissed off when someone does something in expense of your time(pausing to often, asking to ally up 10+ min ingame, telling brb and leaving you for more than 5 minutes)

and remember its about fun the day you find it frustrating and not funny leave it.

  • Do something Worthwhile for the community 

Leave something that outlast your stay at the PopRe community. It’s not about being remembered, as it’s about having the feeling that you left something good behind, that your time wasn’t completely wasted(as it’s a usual feeling after you step of an online game).


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 9, 2012.

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