Get a good mouse (3$) and a good mouse pad (another 3$).

In MatchMaker under Options>Populous do these changes:
under Controls: check AutoCast and Stay Selected (all others unchecked)
under Graphics: resolution 1024*768 Show footsteps and Fix Texture checked.

I want to stress the importance of setting the Resolution to 1024*768, as it gives you a better overview over the game, improves your building/upgrading/harvesting as you have more on your screen per the same time. I advised a lot of people to do so and they noticed that it improved their game.
You’ll suck until you adapt to the new pace of 1024*768 but it wont take more then two games ;)

Get to know you ally. Talk with him in case he’s better than you ask him for tips and directions in-game. In case your the better one give tips and directions to him in-game.

Be lag-less. Turn everything off. Uncheck in MatchMaker under Options>Populous in the general section “Hide Chat while playing” will prolly be a infinitesimal change.

Decide your strategy.
Do you want to control the game with troops or spells. If you are skilled with light and shaman fights you should go with troops. Kill enemy shaman and get your troops in, keep charging Light to suppress any comeback meanwhile your troops go havoc on his population. Always try to encircle your opponents reincarnation site with FWs.
If you are skilled with mana. Build up a good def and keep pushing enemies defense inside with spells meanwhile pushing yours outside.
A rule of the thumb:
Huge bases be a trooper, Kill enemy shaman send troops in destroy warrior and FW hut, enemy hardly can go through all the huge base and kill your warriors.
Small bases be a Mana player one EQ does a lot of damage on small bases.

Give your ally directions, tell them what you are planning. Time your attacks. Double one of them and if the other one is threatening move on to double him.
Whenever you can’t get enough time to inform your ally about your intentions pause the game tell them “brb” and start writing pvt with your ally. don’t forget for “Thx that you waited”
Chatting while paused
Whenever someone Pauses if you had some braves selected you can control all your braves and after unpause they’ll do everything you told them. Each time someone pauses start upgrading, building new huts, harvesting and sending your troops to different directions.

Be active, Be threatening, look dangerous. appear as though you have all the spells and they shouldn’t let you in their base. You can fake that:
In pp cast one EQ on opponents Defense and before he starts coming at you on that side go for hill and send ghosts to take their FWs out and kill them, even though you do not posses EQ to enter their base your opponent doesn’t know that(you even get the FWs killed ;))
In CR go for the side, go near to opponents base that way you’ll say “I’m still here, you should handle me first before you can move on to my ally” your shaman could be your last thing alive and most people would be scared. Once I was blue and got doubled by green and red. but I kept red busy I hardly had 20 pop but kept looking threateningly going for the attack instead of building up defense (for which i wouldn’t have had the FWs) Casting 1 eq trying to get reds FW and Warrior hut, until my ally deals with green(which isn’t that hard after green used all spells on blue)
In FO: opponents get hill, charge one lb and go for the side. a)opponent will come to defend side b)they won’t be able to double your ally. (you can make warriors and launch an planed attack with your ally)
Start Shaman fights meanwhile charging your light(not always only when essential to give your ally moving time) In cr as blue I sided red not having a single thing just getting his shaman to my side and letting yellow in to double red(timing your attacks)

Opponents always think that you have 2Eqs and 2FS if you enter their base, Meanwhile you are charging one half light and dodging their lights to make them spend mana ;)

Post Game
Reflect what you did, was it good or Bad. What made you win or lose. What made the opponent win or lose?
Ask your opponent or ally what you could have done better. If you’d put some FWs in huts he wouldn’t have been able to enter your base, you should try that out next time. If you’d have gotten his shaman instead of the opposite, the game could have had a different outcome you should be more careful with your shaman.


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 8, 2012.

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