Just another Populous site!

When I started playing populous online, I noticed in the first games that the way I play wasn’t any good. With the simplest logic “Copy what better players do” I got the basic skills but had difficulties to do the final leap. I had formed some bad habits which were preventing me to improve any further and what made me realize them was a video of the player Prime on how to play Pressure Point.

This blog is dedicated to help you make that hard leap. I will include How To videos for different maps, basic strategies, different tricks, and the basic stuff for complete newcomers, I’ll link helpful websites and make this the most comprehensive guide to improve your game.

I will ask Pro players to record their games, This way you’ll be able to see what habits make them such good and what is preventing your further improvement.

When I refer to Habits I mean acquired patterns of behavior ingame. exp:

  • Bad habit: Selecting Braves choosing hut plan and laying it on ground. Repeating this with other huts.
  • Good habit: Laying all hut plans and then sending ur braves in small groups to work on them.

That’s a simple habit we formed playing in Single Player. I’ll state some of the bad ones I had and how I fixed them.

Each of you has to be a keen observer and distinguish the differences between you and a Pro player in the videos I’ll be uploading.

Don’t try to read all articles at once. just open this site each time you are waiting for a game.

 Going through this blog won’t make you a Pro. And I wouldn’t advise any FW ranked player to spend much time around here.

~ by Rinor Maloku on February 8, 2012.

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