Playing Craters

Building/Expanding: As each color you have to fill your base with huts, as any color you’ll get a decent population without expanding. Though expanding is essential don’t do it at beginning. Go immediately for the attack asap you connect to hill start creating defense and keeping opponents down when you get one EQ go cast it on someone and when you die start charging one LB and after you reincarnate expand and go immediately on fight. Your shaman has to be constantly on shaman fights. If you don’t go immediately for hill opponent gets height advantage, if you take more time they double your ally. Take care of your shaman and don’t let him die. Building positions and expanding is more detailed in the videos.


  • The worst thing for red is when Blue and Yellow have the hill. So that’s the highest priority for Blue and yellow. GET THE HILL!
  • After getting hill yellow should try to stop green/red from praying at the Stonehead and make them lose mana (appear to be threatening and make them cast lights but never rlly risk ur shaman) When he gets FS from his Stonehead he has to cast it vital points of reds base..
  •  In-case yellow fails to get the hill or even to cast FS on red he should start preparing to side or BD green as most prolly red and green will double blue. Yellow should charge LBs and train up to 20 warriors. If you side green LB up his hill and use the height advantage to cast your spells into him and bring FWs there. Move your warriors in and keep charging lights to kill greens shaman. This way green is as fucked up as blue would after BD. If they don’t double blue go for the hill again and double red.
  • Blue needs to constantly annoy Red, by LBing to his front and casting EQ(notice red has two vital points front and back)making warriors and after killing his shaman sending them to his front backing them up with ur shaman. Now you can BD red and give him the final EQ, meanwhile he confronts your troops at front. If you do not have enough mana for EQ still BD him that way you can build def and huts at the LBs you did and take his shaman off your troops so the troops can go havoc on his population.
  • Blue should keep one eye on what troops red trains, if he doesn’t build FW hut he’s going to BD warrior rush you, be prepared for that and train enough warriors. else you die in 10 mins.
  • In pro games Blue is often BD and fronted. To confront that you just copy a shaman and send him at front, send ur shaman in the huts at BD and charge attacking spells(you have to be sure that they are going to BD), Else just be the first to BD. Another Way is for yellow to get hill build tower on hill LB to red and cast FS there, it weakes and slows him down.
  • Build huts on the side towards red and use this trick if someone fronts you

Playing Blue                                                                              

Playing as Yellow                                                         


  • Top Priority is to get hill otherwise red is too fragile, Green should build towers on hill and fill it with fws.
  • Whoever takes FS needs to BD blue. the other one fronts blue or keeps yellow out of reds base. If Red decides to front he should put fws on huts from where yellow may enter. Another good option is to troop blues front meanwhile he deals at the back. That way you have your shaman to defend from yellow.
  • After BDing blue and casting his spells on him Green should get his shaman killed that way he’ll quickly be reincarnated and able to defend any side or BD from yellow.
  • By now red is in a good position to attack blues front and use his troops and spells on him. Troop help from green would be welcome as most prolly yellow will troop pressure him at side.
  • Both should keep trooping blue.
  • Another strategy as red is to make warrs only building two warr huts and training 15+, pray for FS and charge 3 lb 1 light 1 ghost, copy shaman send copy to hill, finish charging spells, BD blue cast FS you get from stonehead(dont do that immediately wait until blue brings his fws so you get them too) bring ur warrs and keep killing blues shaman in his base. Done perfectly you’ll finish blue in mins you enter his base and he’ll feel like a total noob. Downside: you are fragile from yells attack and you are depended on green defending you. Understandable as green you have to keep yellow from entering reds base.

Playing Red                                                                 

Playing Green                                                            


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 7, 2012.

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