Prior to building select your braves by three send them to harvest the far wood. The near wood you harvest by two braves. then:

1.Lay all hut plans possible down.

Brave management at the beginning ranked highest priority to lowest:
a. Put two braves to work on each plan:
-Do so by selecting two braves and ctrl-clicking on a full grown tree and back to the hut plan.(you can take the wood left on ground if all woods are harvested.)
-Using more than two braves isn’t preferably, cuz with them you should:

b. Whith remaining braves u should:
i) Send them into huts to fill the red bar(upgrade)
ii)Harvest, if necessary.
The less braves work the more are into huts, red bar gets filled and you upgrade them, meaning more pop, more mana.

2.Keep Building                                           
-After your huts have been built they enable you to lay new plans. Lay all hut plans possible and build them using two braves wood-hut ctrl clicking.
-Keep building till your base is full. And whenever a small opportunity to expand appears use it.

To get 199 pop you need 28 Large huts. after you get 28 large huts dont stop building expand and build more. so if you get EQed you can take it in easily.

3.Building Troop huts

1. Lay FW/Warrior plan down
2. Go to the follower panel:
3. Select 2 braves send them to a distant wood and back to the plan.
4. Select another 2 ctrl-click to wood and back to the plan
5. Select another 2 ctrl-click to wood and back to the plan.
-This way your plan has 6 piles of wood and 6 braves working on it.

This is a good habit to form, instead of the bad one laying plan and sending a lot of braves to work on it, which results in cutting down nearby trees.

4.Building towers

First Technique(the better one):
1.Lay tower plan down.
2.Select 2 braves ctrl-click distant wood ctrl-click to the tower plan.
-Your tower needs 5 piles of wood. You provided 2 and they take another 3 from a nearby tree. No tree cut down.
-Trees getting cut down is your enemy. It makes the biggest difference between Mediocre and FW skill.

Second Technique for Instant Towers:
-To quickly build towers to defend an area build it so that the Door of the Tower faces the wood. this is the quickest way to build it but the tree will be cut down completely and this makes me sad :(, should make you sad too.

As you see my bro had some issues at that time. He didn’t send himself all the wood needed to the FW hut being built, didn’t Harvest enough and could have used Dismantle trick more.

Where I lay FW hut plan there is one wood behind and one at front. You should notice that at the 1st sec and at the 4th second. After the FW hut is built 50+ seconds in-game you’ll see that these two woods are cut down. I’ll remember that mistake and next time I play in that map and color I will send some braves to take wood from the far trees.

“Learn from yesterday…” albert einstein

Reviewing how you played and not repeating the same mistakes is a good Habit to form.
Adjacent to building you need to UPGRADE your huts! 
Informations to harvesting!


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 7, 2012.

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