Click here if you don’t know what’s Upgrading!

There are two ways to upgrade:

(I suggest Gradual Upgrading)

a)Advanced Upgrading(prime): In every hut is at least one brave and with the others you keep harvesting in groups by two or three keeping all woods small(containing 1 pile of wood). If there are more braves you can send them into huts too but you never leave a hut without any brave.
You choose the braves to harvest by right-clicking on a hut if there are more than one braves you select them and just click on a wood. The braves send the wood almost equally to huts till all huts have 3 piles of wood and all get upgraded at almost the same time. Another way to take the braves out of huts prolly quicker is to Shift-left click twice on huts that are full. and the braves will come out, a bit more time efficient(good habit)

Building the entrance of the huts to face each other, this enables the huts to share the wood, resulting in quicker upgrades.

b)Gradual Upgrading: You put 3 braves in all huts and when no braves are left you leave the other huts empty. Right click the full hut, select all braves and ctrl-click to wood and back to the hut, continue so for all Full huts. This way the hut has the wood to upgrade. As there are 3 braves in every hut they produce new braves faster which you send to nearby huts, but always remembering Full huts and Empty huts. If you have two half filled huts, take some braves from one hut and send it to the others, that’s why it is called full huts-empty huts..
When the huts upgrade to the last level select three braves from them, send them to a wood and to a small hut. That’s why it is called gradual upgrading. Full hut’s upgraded first then you go on and fill the empty ones.
Selecting braves quickly:
Move your camera over Large huts. Go into Follower Panel and start selecting braves from huts usually the braves nearest are selected, also the ones in the large huts.

I can’t say which is the better technique but logically Gradual Upgrading should be better because 3 braves in a hut produce quickly a brave and he can be used right away, at the same time I feel being in better control of wood.

In maps where you have a lot of woods like PP you can take wood from long distances.

There is another important point The huts/woods ratio.


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 6, 2012.

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