Mana is in proportion with the amount of your followers. But 1 brave doesn’t give the same amount as 1 brave:

Active braves give the most amount of mana. But you can’t base your play only on spells that’s why you need Troops to defend your base and to attack. When you are training troops You get less mana as a part of it is used to train the troops. If you need a quick light or lb stop training troops(sometimes useful). The same when you need quickly troops stop charging spells(I never needed that though).

In order to get good population  you’ll need to be a good builder and upgrader, So check the appropriate articles.

One more tip, know when to kill enemies shaman. For example on PP, you have a light and some troops which are comming. Postpone any shaman fight till the troops come, thatway if u kill his shaman u can immediately send the warriors to towers and cast EQ deeper in his base.

Shaman Value:
1. Increases proportionally with the population. If someones has ca 30 pop and u have 70 don’t spend a light on him you can save it for the better player and pressure this one with some fws and blasts.
2. Increases when the opposing bases are far. example CR yellow is far from red his going to action takes much longer and killing his shaman leaves their team handicapped and blue very vulnerable, thats why yellow should be very careful with his shaman. Another thing why you shouldn’t ever LB hills up on craters is the time it takes till ur shaman goes into action to defend important areas, as he has to walk slowly up and after down.
3. Increases according to the amount of spells he might have. If someone keeps avoiding shaman fights for some time make sure to concentrate on his shaman as he might have been charging Big spells.
4. Increases when you kill enemies shaman. But what increases tremendously is the value of your warriors. In many games like CR you often just need to make 15 warriors, kill enemies shaman and get ur troops in. Meanwhile your troops are almost worthless if the opponent has his shaman alive.
5. I’m out of not helpful concepts to throw at u.

Always keep your Followers active. Don’t let your troops Idle. Send them to huts they increase the red bar too, here’s how I often do it.

Try to always charge ur spells before starting with the new ones.
Did it ever happen to you to kill a noobs shaman that doesnt have barely 30 pop and he gave you loads of mana. While u kill a pro players shaman who has 150+ pop and he gives you almost no mana at all. That’s why pro’s wait some bit more till they get their EQ/FS full and then take a risk and they never start charging Lb and stop it at 2 1/2 and a tornado and a half. each of these halves gives a lot of mana.

If you see a lot of Idle braves, Select all of them and Shift click on the Hut icon in building Panel. All of them will go to huts.

More exact informations on mana.


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 5, 2012.

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