The huts/woods ratio and harvesting

This is a very important part of your game. If you build too many Huts the braves will cut off all wood while upgrading, and quickly leave your base without woods. This is the biggest disadvantage as the braves will cut every new wood that starts growing. The best thing you can do at this point is:

Taking wood from distant places(video):
Select all braves ctrl-click in some distant wood (where are many woods) without releasing ctrl click near a pile of wood at a hut in your base and then ctrl-click on the pile of wood. All braves will go cut the wood bring it to that place go take the wood from the near hut and as there is no more left they’ll go to the huge pile and send it to the other huts. and all of them are ready to upgrade.


Harvesting- popdef. cut wood and lay on ground for later use, usually done with 2 or 3 braves.
To avoid getting all your woods cut during upgrading and still build a lot of huts you have to extend the huts/woods ratio by harvesting a lot at the beginning. Wood that isn’t cut down fully grows quicker.

a. At the beginning you cut wood and lay it on ground for later use.

b. When you have built 10+ huts you should harvest by laying piles of wood in front of huts. This way you are harvesting and upgrading at the same time.

You know that you are doing a good Harvesting/Upgrading or woods/huts ratio when most of your woods contain only one pile of wood and almost none is cut off at the same time all full huts have 3 piles of wood at their front.

Whenever you notice that one of the woods is cut down remember that for the next game and don’t repeat the mistake, usually by harvesting some distant trees instead of harvesting that tree.

Check this article, it is the best on harvesting/building/upgrading:
A Narrow Passage emphasis on building/harvesting/upgrading.

only the video from that article:


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 4, 2012.

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