Playing Face off

Nowadays ‘Face Off’ is played mostly with Convert on.
When the game Starts:
1. Lay FW hut plan down.
2. Select Shaman and move her to the hill.
3. Select three braves CTRL-Click a distant wood and CTRL click the FW hut.
4. Repeat the same with the other 3 braves,Each time using Follower Panel.
5. Re-select your shaman and convert as much wildmens as you can.(Steps 3-4 should take as much time as your shaman needs to get wildmens in the range of his convert.)
6.Asap you get some converts send the new braves to build huts.

FO is simple:
1. Get Hill. For blue it is a must otherwise the game is 80% lost.
2. If you kill the shamans of your enemies build some towers asap and train 2 FWs. Build towers Facing trees.
3. Now you can decide how you want to play.
-3.1 Aggressive: Both Players charge EQ and cast them asap. If desired you both can cast EQs on one of the opponents to almost instantly get them out of the game. But if opponents hit some lucky lights you will have a tough time to get the hill back as you were charging EQs and you can’t get the hill with EQs.
-3.2 Semi-Aggressive(recommended): One player Gets EQ and troops the other gets Lights and troops. In this case you can fight for the hill.
-3.3 Defensive(recommended): Both players charge Lights and make HUGE amount of troops. Asap they kill one of the opponents shaman they double them with all their troops.
4. If your opponent possesses the hill charge: LIGHTS, SWARMS, GHOSTS and train Troops. Spam swarms, if there are 6 towers you should have 3 swarms and so should your ally.
-4.1 Spam ghosts and send them to the towers.
-4.2 Send two braves to stun opponents shaman so you can light him with a high certainty that the light will hit.
5. If you see 10 towers on the hill, Start charging LB and go for the side.
-5.1 Make TONS of FWs. When you side, you most probably are going to get troop doubled. Fill 3 huts at your front with fws, build 2 towers and fill them with fws. it means that you need at least 11 FWs. 3 huts filled with FWs makes 9, and 2 towers, 11.
-5.2 Make TONS of Troops. Warriors should be your major threat. If you both side with many warriors you can win the hill back. With many warriors you can Damage one opponent more then with one EQ. That’s why you should make many warriors and just charge Lights and LBs. Expand, defend, kill their shamans and get your warriors in their base.

That’s it!

Sometimes I use this trick to get hill.

You see siding is not my option I am not charging spells to side him(swarm,ghosts,lights) that gets him down to defend. You copy ur shaman And move the real one back to mid, meanwhile you go to hill keep moving the fake shaman to make it believable. If he notices do another copy of your shaman and send the copy to the side(to make it more believable stop ur real shaman in position till he starts going back to side). After he notices that he’ll go back to the side, and you can go for the free hill.

Building Positions on all colors!                                                                   

Playing as green contains some improvements and emphasis on building/harvesting/upgrading almost like in a real game ;)

Onn the first and fourth sec you can notice that at the place I lay the FW plan there is one Wood behind the plan and one wood at the front of it, after the FW hut is build 50+ seconds in game you’ll see that both of these woods are cut down, I’ll notice that and next game pay attention and send two braves bring wood from a distant wood or gather all the wood for FW hut like it is explained in the Building post!

Expanding on all colors!

*as blue LBing towards green the right way with two LBs u can get 7 huts. same for green

Basic Strategy: Get hill, make each 6 warriors(u and ur ally) light enemy shaman double him with troops. than move to the next opponent. (eqs are overrated beside on blue one at front one at back FIN)


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 3, 2012.

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