Playing Pressure Point

Pressure Point is a complex map one of the most played ones and the favorite for a “who’s better game” that’s a reason enough to improve on this map.

How to Play PP

Basic knowledge

  • Use the first 6 braves to build FW hut meanwhile you start converting.
  • Get the big groups of wildies on the side towards your opponent, tell them by one or twoto build towers. Dont build too many towers at this stage as you can’t fill them with FWs.
  • The FW hut will be ready train 7 FWs.
  • Convert on the other side towards your ally, tell the braves to build a tower, after you build a warrior hut and train 5 warriors.
  • Meanwhile you lay hut plans on ground and send 5 braves per plan.
  • After they get Built lay the other plans and from follower panel select idle braves first than take the others from huts. at this stage the most important thing is to fill your base with huts, in order to get rid of the Population limit.
  • You should have converted atleast 40 braves in 2v2s and at least 50 in 1v1s, stopped Convert and by now have one EQ to cast on your opponent.
  • Appear to be threatening to ur opponent with a second eq and send ur warriors to the mid in a sneaky way. It doesnt matter if you have the second EQ opponent won’t know ;)
  • After the second EQ you should consider charging one LB and expand your defense. See your defense as layers. First layer is the one on the hills on ur base, the second layer is made up of the towers on side. LBing once will enable you to improve ur second layer EQing enemies Defense pushes his defense inside and enables you to build another layer of defense, the furthest layer of your defense is always your Shaman.
  • In later stages of the game you need to constantly keep repairing damaged towers and build new ones, at this stage your pop must be 150+, use 5 braves to build towers(don’t forget to ctrl-click on trees and back to the tower plan, thatway to build your tower quickly)
  • Another strategy at the beginning is to charge Light instead of EQ, train a lot of warriors but try to make it secretly by sending them to huts, And as soon as you kill enemies shaman get you’r warriors into towers use one or two ghosts and walk through opponents defense to cast one eq inside his base. This will cause a lot of damage to his defense and at this stage lower their pop as he has to replace the FWs

a video by prime

This is what did the trick for me to get better at this hard map.

Absolutely Epic teaching from prime on how to build your defense, how to use your troops. Just watch the videos over and over again.

Populous Online – Advanced Defense Techniques Part 1

Populous Online – Advanced Defense Techniques Part 2

Populous Online – Advanced Defense Techniques Part 3

Populous Online – Advanced Defense Techniques Part 4

Keith vs Shadow (blue-red)

Keen observers will notice:

-how keith sends his warriors to opponents towers in mid in a sneaky way(3:55)

-how he keeps reds shaman at distance by sending a lot of braves but not letting them gather so to blast all at once(7:00)

Be a keen observer throughout video!

Another interesting strategy is [TDM]SemiShamans 16 minute BD strategy.

Main strategies

EQ Spamming

EQ spamming is one of the easiest Strategies and at the same time one of the best. Many pro players use this strat. The Strategy is easy. Kill enemies Shaman and cast EQ on his defense, opponents Towers will be destroyed and his FW’s killed. If the possibility arises to cast EQ inside opponents base, use it. That will lower opponents Manna flow and will enable you to be more aggressive at eq spamming.
Tips when EQ spamming:
-Cast EQ’s as soon as you get them charged. Beside the first and second eq, Try to get those inside opponents base. Others as said just Spam them.
-The Objective is to put your opponent in “Defense Mode”. Defense Mode is when your opponent starts to Charge too many Lights. Keep dodging a lot, A LOT! If he looses 2 lights you spam one EQ. Beside Charging too many lights your opponent will be forced to repair their defense constantly,they’ll charge LBs to LB their land up again. The game will be a cycle of you attacking your in Defense Mode opponent, destroying his defense, and him repairing till you reincarnate.
-Keep your shaman alive! When someone goes into Defense mode he’ll Camp, So dodge a LOT! and don’t risk your shamans life!

Advantages of EQ spamming:
-Lowers opponents ground.
-Puts opponent in Defense Mode. So instead of attacking he’ll repair his defense, instead of charging EQ’s he’ll charge 4 lights.
-Gets opponent to rebuild/repair old towers instead of expanding their defense.
-Enables you to expand your defense.
-Especially good strat. vs players that spam Towers. That way each EQ destroys a lot of towers and get’s FW’s killed.

Countering EQ Spammers:
-Expand your defense. Instead of rebuilding your fist layer of defense build another as far from your base as possible.
-LB the water and build towers and Huts, don’t make the lbs on high ground make them as low as possible. This way the EQ spammer will EQ the low ground and you’ll keep your defense intact.
-Stay with your shaman in front of your defense. Usually EQ Spammers won’t have more than one or two lights.
-EQ spammers are good with their shamans but bad troopers. Troop them!


The strategy is simple and logically the better one. But not always as easy to pull as the EQ spamming strat.
The strategy: 1. Kill opponents shaman. 2.Get your warriors in his towers. 3.Kill their FW’s, move on to the other towers with fws. 4. Cast one EQ inside their base.
As a trooper you should charge spells like: Tornados, Swarm, Lights and huge amounts of ghosts. Your number one objective is to kill as many FWs as Possible. When you move your warriors forward to the next towers send 2 braves in the towers whose FWs you killed to destruct them completely, afterward build your towers there and fill them with FWs.
You have to use your spells wisely. If you EQ spamm you’ll destroy the path and will have a hard time to use your troops, that’s why you’ll cast EQ’s only inside opponents base and avoid EQing their towers(beside if he spams towers, eq them)

Tips for Troopers:
-Kill opponents FW’s.
-Keep warriors always nearby to get them into action as soon as you kill opponents shaman.(this actually is something you should always do in every map)
-Have always more warriors than your opponent. If he has 2 warrior huts build 3. More than 3 warrior huts isn’t necessary though.
-Don’t let your warriors get killed stupidly, Go very careful with them. 1 warrior cannot Kill a Shaman neither can 6, why waste them? After your opponent kills your shaman, take the warriors behind your defense till you reincarnate, if possible send them to attack the towers on the other side.
-Don’t EQ opponents towers cuz that destroys the path for your warriors to walk/attack, EQ only inside their base. Exception if opponent is a tower spammer.
-Charge only one EQ at a time. After the EQ you should charge many lights and right when you kill opponents shaman move your warriors into his towers and cast another EQ inside their base.
-Use a lot of Swarm to get FW’s out of towers without the need of EQing towers.
-In the beginning you should charge immediately tornados(natch after you converted 50+ wildmens). And there is a trick how to use your tornados wisely. Charge one Tornado and then charge blasts and ghosts. Attack the side towards your opponent. The attack will be exceptionally early(cuz u charge tornado while your opponent charges eq). This will give you enough time to get one of opponents FWs out of his tower(with ghosts) and to blast him. Now the tip when to cast Tornado. Wait till the opponents shaman is near a tower with a FW, and then cast Tornado. That way you’ll kill another FW of his and there is a 80% chance that the tornado will catch his Shaman and send him into the water. Rarely players will notice that you cast the Tornado only to get their shaman. Right after you kill his shaman cast ghosts and get other fws out of towers and kill them. Do not forget number one objective is to kill opponents FW’s so you can walk easily and cast EQ inside his base.
-As a trooper you’ll have less manna. That’s why you have to use them wisely. You’ll have more troops than your opponent though. Your troops will be useful only after you kill your opponents shaman. That’s why you should charge a lot of lights and be very skilled with lights.
-Because you have more troops than your opponent you should attack him in many fronts at the same time. That’s Why you should LB to his side(2 lbs needed) as soon as possible. That way you keep opponents shaman busy with your shaman and send your troops in from the other Front.
-Skirmishing or Attack and Retreat sub-strategy, This is what you do. When your shaman reincarnates. You go and keep opponents Shaman busy, send 40 warriors from the mid to the third Side you LBed. The warriors will kill his pop and destroy his huts. While you keep opponents shaman busy(in shaman fights) either his shaman will get killed or it’ll be yours. If your shaman get’s killed just move the warriors back a little. Safe from opponents Lights. Your opponent is trapped inside his base cuz if he leaves you’ll send your troops to go havoc on his population, this way he won’t be able to attack you. And will defend till he gets more troops to oppose yours.
In early stages you’ll send 5-10 warriors to mid and if ur opponent doesn’t have warriors, he has to go to defend and attack from that side. When you reincarnate just go with ur shaman in the front your opponents shaman is and send troops from the other side.
-Aim each attack to destroy your opponents troop huts. Especially Warrior training Huts.

Advantages for Troopers:
-The FWs you kill will push your opponent to train new FWs, using manna resources and lowering his pop.
-Opponents towers will be empty (when performing this strat perfectly). Enemy will have a hard time to replace the killed fws.
-Because you don’t spam EQ’s you’ll have more manna to charge Lights(even very early, after you kill his shaman with tornado and cast the first eq, start charging one light and the next eq.)
-Each of your attacks will be harsher and will cause more damage than of the opponent.

How to counter:
-Spam Towers. And send braves near towers to stop the warriors and they’ll get killed.
-Dominate the trooper with more troops!
-Aim your attacks to destroy his Warrior/FW training huts.

I’ll try to record these two strategies.


~ by Rinor Maloku on February 2, 2012.

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