Fair Play

What’s not Fair Play

Putting enemy in disadvantage: blasting braves that are building a tower, going to your opponent to steal their willdies, building towers in their base, insisting to be the host.
Using cheats: you must know this stuff
Trying to get always the strongest team instead of trying to make balanced teams.

Once we wanted to do Craters but the host didn’t wan’t cuz of the BD tactic, I said do Cr I won’t BD and he put Cr his ally was “and you really think he won’t?” his reply “yes, I believe him”. It really felt good even more knowing that he was a player I refused to ally up with after having been 15 min ingame(I kinda felt bad for his ally but people should get used to respect other players time, if your not sure you can play the game till the end ask them if they don’t mind allying up if you have to go)

Avoid the G / D , avoid doubling one player if he can’t put up with that. If you get the opponents in a bad position early on, just think does it value 15 min of your time to start another game? give them some time to be able to recover and build up their defense and it could turn into a hard good game.

At the same time be fair only with players who are. Someone uses shit on you serve them high quality, clinically tested, world class designer bullshit, on a silver plate!
that makes damn sure that player won’t join any hut you’r in anymore.

Once a player put WoM and I hate that map. Basic strat is to cast eq and disconnect opponents so we get the advantage of building up a defense charging spells and praying for LBs meanwhile they have to charge Flatten to get out of their position, I don’t see the fun part on this map and it’s frustrating to spend your time like that. So I always ask LB on the host didn’t say anything so I guessed he turned it on, game started and to my amazement there was no LB. “where is lb?”-me . “to the mid”-him. “aha I am gonna fuck up this game”-me. And thats exactly what I did, it was an interesting hard game. In the end when they started suiciding I went back to our base and Casted volc on him, gathered my pop and suicided giving the win to the opponents and losing Points. It felt bad[as though I betrayed a real war ally] but I wanted to give him that lesson of respecting other players time they are investing there.

There are 200 active players on the PopRe community being a Fair Player is probably disadvantaging ingame but you get respect off game, more friends, more games and seriously being able to win a game only when your opponent is in disadvantage is something to be ashamed of.


~ by Rinor Maloku on January 9, 2012.

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