Shaman Skill

With this video I wanted to point out what Pro Players know and what new ones Need to learn to get there.

Shaman Skill

Survival Skill:
-Cast blast out of range inorder to get pushed out of light.
-How to use LB to not die in water, once clicking, not multiple clicking.
I skipped the immune shaman trick(everybody knows), lava rescue(just cast a spell and u won’t die from lava.).

Light Skill:
-The logic behind it
-Guessing where followers will push

Blast war:
-Immune to blast(not the cast blast after opponent)

FWs out of huts:
-using ghosts or ur own shaman

Super Controlling your FWs:
-This is a technique I am really fond of. Killing enemies shaman that way is a huge blow for them. In video i don’t kill him though.

Impact of Blast and Light:
-Down from Hill, another loving technique. This way I often get campers down from hill and often into water. I mostly use it on FO as blue siding red, on CR when Green or Red move up the hill and feel secure cuz you are in lower land and cant reach them, one light and they go down from hill and into in water.

-If you want to blast after your opponent in shaman fights. select blast click on his shaman and keep the button pressed till he blasts then release it.

-To stop the 3fw push explained in the Troops post you need to:
First Option: blast after them(still risky)
Second Option: Blast at them and Blast a second time on ground to stop the push(less risky)
Third Option: Spam blast before them till they die without coming near ur shaman(no risk)
Fourth Option: Blast them towards water and blast a second time, just always blast a second time.
Something you should never do is Blasting and waiting.

Fall Damage

-Before someone blasts you start walking toward higher ground.
Pop has it’s gravity physics :P


~ by Rinor Maloku on January 8, 2012.

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