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I recommend players under FW rank to read these posts in the order they are listed here:

  1. What is this site about
  2. Building
  3. Upgrading
  4. The huts/woods ratio
  5. Mana
  6. Troops
  7. Shaman Skill
  8. Playing Pressure Point
  9. Playing Face off
  10. Playing Craters
  11. Tricks collection
  12. Good Habits / Bad Habits
  13. Pre/In/Past-Game
  14. The Road to Pro(outro)
  15. Fair-Play

Fall Damage

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Simply watch the video. THREE TIMES.


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Watch the video:

Useful, YES. Makes you a better Player, NO.
a) You have to disguise that you copied your shaman
-You can do that by causing enemy some trouble so he has to concentrate on that part.(on the vid I do that with 5 braves when I put shaman in hut, the one I get Tornadoed :D )

-First send your real shaman to the hut and then copy him. Often the copy effect will not be seen.

b) Keep them believing that the copy is the real shaman.
-Do with the ghost what you were doing before with your shaman and or the way your opponent expects you to behave. If you were camping and dodging, pretend to be doing that with your copy too.
╫If you were trying to attack him from the side attack the side but to make it more believable take 3 warriors and send them to enemies towers and keep ur shaman safe that way he believes the attack as real. Don’t make the attack look too dangerous cuz than opponent would go towards your Copy and blow the disguise. Else all would ignore the attack and make their final attack to finish you off, so when his shaman comes near the hut you light/blast them. If ur opponent goes after your shaman on the side you overdid the fake attack and he’ll expose the disguise and that will make him cautious and make him dodge or overreact and cast eq on the huts to stop any danger.
╫Pretend to be camping and moving backwards with the copy till you get him into the huts shaman range.
╩Defend your Copied Shaman, if they both are to be seen dodge with your copy more than with your shaman, send troops to the copy, and when they get into the range of the real but to them “fake shaman” light them.

c) Kill him in the least Manna-expensive way.
-Optimal only one blast. Sending him to water or to some FW’s that give him the rest.

When to do this shizzle?
-When you need to save as much manna as possible.
-When you are charging big spells and can’t start a shaman fight.[I often do this in 4 Walls, 4Way, NP. In 4way, People tend to keep lighting shamans and advance to cast EQ’s, what I do is go into a hut make a copy and send the copy to dodge lights and pretend to be participating in the shaman fight meanwhile he casts lights I charge Volc! I tell my ally to be cautios to not die and Spam light the opponents, to keep the pressure till I get the big spell].
-When you have such low pop that spending a light is way too much[This will be the reason 90% of the time you use this trick]

We usually make One Shaman Copy and make opponents guess which is the real one. They usually make ghosts and attack one of your shaman if it dies from one hit your opponent knows that the other one is the real shaman. That’s what we can use to our advantage by making two shaman copies and putting the real shaman into a hut. This way you keep them guessing when they get one shaman they know that the other one is the real one(keep 5 braves nearby so no ghosts can reach ur second ghost shaman and reveal the deception) make opponent spend lights meanwhile you charge big spells.

Positive-Psychological effect on the opponents:  They’ll keep opponent at tension not knowing what to expect from your erratic behavior and will make them more careful that-way spending more manna.

Negative-Your Opponents will get better by time: They start to take warriors with them so they go in securely and disarm any hut before they advance with their shaman, Leading them to do more multi-tasking and destroying your defense quickly with troops and than moving forward. But this has a good part that you at least have some more time at disposal till your shaman Reincarnates.

Other Ghost Tips:
-In the beginning on PP cast two ghost armies and train them to warriors, send them to a visible place for your opponent or better on a place where they may be trouble to your opponent. That way you’ll keep his warriors of you and meanwhile you don’t have any warrior you can build/upgrade more. Leave the 6 warriors in groups near each other making enemy to light them and lose a light. Especially early in game very efficient.
-Think of stuff, these come up ingame!


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When it comes to Warriors there is only one rule “always have more than your opponent!” Be careful with them and don’t let them die. Use them to your advantage by sending warriors in his defense or in his base each time you Kill ur opponents shaman. If enemies shaman is not inbase your warriors do enormous damage, if you back them up with your shaman and keep lighting enemies shaman as soon as he reincarnates you are sure to win the game quickly.

In games like CR , PP sometimes even in FO it is usual to build more than one Warrior hut.

If you have a lot of warriors you can use any side or BD to your advantage by sending warriors at one side and pressuring the other side with your shaman so your warriors go berserk on his population.

When opponent attacks you with warriors and you aren’t able to defend with your shaman just send a lot of braves in the fight and back them up with FWs, that way warriors get killed with less losses.

Troop and shaman combo

What many new players lack is using Troops and shaman at the same time.
Example in Pressure point you make ca 5 warriors and let them patrol somewhere safe from wheret you can quickly send them into the places you want to attack . Like the mid in PP. When you kill enemies shaman in a shaman fight you should send each warrior in a tower and then walk through the middle with your shaman to cast eq in his base.(instead what noobs do just keep the warriors passive and try to go through with ghosts or cast eq in the towers)
Keep always some warriors near you. If enemy sends 6 FW’s at you they can quite often kill your shaman, having some warriors or better warriors and FWs they would be nothing.

Another thing I see quite often is attacking loads of FW’s and often dying. If that happens to you your shaman value is too low. You should take some FW’s and charge swarm or take warriors and keep blasting the FWs but always keeping your shaman secure.
When you play against Pro players you’ll see how hard it is to kill their shamans and what a relief and pressure decline on you, giving you the opportunity to improve your defense and damage theirs. I’ll try to make an article on shaman Value and how to increase it, thing is ur shaman is more worth than 6 FW’s or casting one EQ, why not wait one second more charge some ghosts cast them(or better take troops) go in securely and cast EQ.

Spreading your Warriors:

1.Click on the edge,
2.Warriors Raise Hands,
3.Use the follower panel to select warriors and send them to different huts.

I got this trick from the video of keith on critical thinking PP

FireWarriors are well explained in the video of prime about advanced defense. you can find the video links here .

Killing shamans with 5 FWs

The technique is very useful but usually you won’t get the opportunity until later in-game and at that time opponents will have Swarm or their troops to counter it. which means that you’ll often use it only after enemies shaman is in ur base or in the mid of your defense.
But what’s important to remember is the basics:
a) Firewarriors firing at the same time cause dramatically more damage than them casting separately.
b) Shift clicking on ground makes FW’s ignore anything around them (as long as they are moving) and that way you can sync them to fire at the same time when you shift click your target.
c) Separating firewarriors to surround enemies shaman and firing at the time he casts his blast that way he gains max damage and it is harder for enemies to spam blast them to death.

3 fws water Push!

This technique is too simple and invaluable in games of CR or others with narrow land and nearby water.
Always when opponent is near water move your FWs near but on the opposite site of water and as he blasts them shift click on his shaman that way they will fire as they are in air and will push enemies shaman into water.
The reason why you fire with FWs after enemy blasts is so he can’t stop the FWs fire push by casting blast.

-Don’t send troops in large groups like 6+ fws together, as everybody would light them. What you can do is copy six warriors and let them staying on a big group, everyone would bite and light the warrior-ghosts.
-Always when opponents casts ghosts select your FW’s and Shift-click opponenets shaman, thatway they ignore the ghosts and attack his shaman.(same with warriors if u want to go past towers to his population)
-If you Shift-Click your opponents shaman while he’s in-range of your towers the FW’s won’t go out and will continuously focus on their shaman and ignoring anything even after he goes out of range and comes back in.
-If you select all your FWs and shift-click opponents shaman and he blasts them the FWs are more likely to blast opponents shaman while going up and or falling down.
-Always divide fws in groups of two and when enemies shaman approaches arrange the groups to blast at the same time.


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Huts/Woods ratio and Harvesting a good article with a great video on NP.

1. Send Wood manually to all hut plans. 

Hut – 3 woods.

FW and Warrior Hut – 8 woods.

Tower – 5 woods.

You provide all plans with one wood pile less than needed. Last one will be taken to the nearest wood or woodpile. *good tip If you are building near a wood which your braves can’t take, they’ll raise their hands. What you need to do is send a pile of wood nearer than the wood(but not at the door they won’t take them)


If you send two braves to take some distant wood and bring to a hut plan you can aswell quickly harvest all nearby woods and then send them back.

Harvesting is never too much, well ok it can sometime :).

3.Upgrade all huts manually

That way you make sure that your wood won’t be cut down.

4. Watch the videos in this blog and pay attention to how wood is managed.

5.Harvest wood and leave it at places you plan to build later.

I was planning to do this article with a video, but when I thought about it. In almost all the videos here you’ll see proper wood management. playing as green . playing CR

Writing this article made me feel like repeating what I already said in many previous ones. I just wanted to stress the importance of caring about wood.

Good Habits / Bad Habits

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Good Habits:

  • Using Wood carefully, if you cut one down notice it and save it the other time.
    1. Harvest
    2. Send wood manually to all huts. Huts-2 woods. FW hut-7 woods. Warrior hut-7 woods. thats what you need to send the last wood they take by themselves
    3. if you are building near a wood which braves can’t take, they’ll often raise their hands. What you need to do is send a pile of wood nearer than that wood(but not at the door they won’t take them)
  • Copy what Better players do.
  • Use Gradual upgrading, which is more efficient than Advanced upgrading.
  • Lay all hut plans down, send two braves per plan.
  • Expand, even after reaching 199 pop keep building.
  • After having decent pop and enough wood Build 2nd warrior and FW hut.
  • Check on your opponent and See what he is training. A good rule of thumb when it comes to troop is Always make more than the opponent.
  • Care about your warriors . I see people sending 3-4 warriors towards my base and my shaman stands there. They are 4 pop lost and lost mana to train them. What you should do is charge light. Train a couple more, get in a shaman fight if you kill his shaman send the warriors in his base(8 warriors do a lot of pop damage backed up with ur shaman). If he kills your shaman you have warrs to defend from opponents troop attack.
  • If your opponent has more warriors than you take your troops back and try to overpower him by adding braves and FWs
  • Being a trooper offers a lot advantages. First of all even if you get attacked and damaged pretty bad leaving you in any map with 20 braves and 30 warriors u still could win incase your opponent is a mana player. Just charge lights and kill enemy shaman and get your warriors in. Keep camping in his base and if possible bring FWs around his reincarnation. 30 warriors would go havoc on his population and even better if you could kill his shaman for a second time.
  • Don’t Let your shaman die! well you can’t decide that but u can be more careful. Never send ur shaman to kill 6 FWs without making some ghosts or swarms. best thing and manna friendly is to wait a bit for warriors and help them with your shaman.
  • Be careful in shaman fights. One thing many players do is walk backwards and let enemy follow you cast on the edge of your range and he walks in. Well rarely people will bite that, thats why now we do the go forward and backwards to get enemy spend lights and at the same time wait if he just for a second follows us and u cast it on the edge of your range. Well I modified that a bit and it works quite good for me, my way:
    -When enemy shaman walks towards you and you walk in a 90 degree(perpendicular to him) that way he is slowly coming into your range but at the same time he thinks you are a target, and you light on the edge.
  • Try to add troops in the shaman fight. which will stun opponent or will kill him while he is worried about your lights.
  • Don’t let your shaman die just to cast one EQ on opponents defense. charge quickly some Ghosts and swarms or bring some troops with you, and safely EQ opponents defense.
  • Always do One More dodge!
  • Don’t walk near water!. Super control your shaman with blast out of range if autopath is sending you near water. It is much better to walk a steep land up than to walk near water.
  • Use every tiny second to upgrade. When you kill enemy shaman, when he kills yours. Until your shaman reincarnates, until your shaman goes at the front of your defense.
  • Attack areas which aren’t defended well, use LB to get to those areas.
  • If you have good light skill be a trooper and charge lights. each time you get enemies shaman send your troops in his defense and if possible in his base. Even if u suck with lights you can be a trooper.
  • If enemy is in the better position try to get him attack you only from one side, which you defend with whatever you have and ghosts, till you can light your shaman, in other words camp till ur pop is better.
    •  e.g in NP they get in from the front and Damage your ally pretty bad, now the most stupid thing u can do is BD which will add your weakened ally another side to defend. best thing would be to defend the front until he is better.
  • If you are in a Better position and opponent is camping, side him and try to get him defend that side. Bring troops from the other side; Make a shaman ghosts and send them in each direction;  Backdoor him; in 2v2s double his ally. in concise form if someone is struggling he will have hard time to defend many areas thats why you should attack from as many sides as you possibly can.
  • Send braves to slow down your opponents shaman until your shaman reincarnates.
  • If your opponent can LB to an unprotected place of yours be the first to lb and build defense there.
  • Build towers in groups of two so they defend each other and attack at the same time.
  • Expand your Defense. First build the first towers that give u proper defense and later on add other towers, don’t cramp them, LB and build others. in groups of two. so EQs will damage less.
  • Repair your towers.
  • LB where enemy casts EQ, it softens the damage pretty good.
  • Put FWs in huts. they’ll often be a surprise to your opponent.
  • Make more than one layer of defense. One row of towers is one layer. Building another row of towers before the first one makes two layers. Building huts between the towers strengthens your defense.
  • Towers far from others are a idiotic decision, as the FW can be taken out with ghosts and the tower destroyed with one brave.
  • If your opponent EQs the front of your base and gets the first row of your huts, build Towers as another layers of defense there.
  • BE ACTIVE! HYPERACTIVEAlways be threatening attack your opponents defense even if all you have is swarm and ghosts(don’t go on stupid risks and dodge all the way). Make opponenst spend spells. if your ally wants to attack him, do so too even if you don’t have EQ prolly he focuses on you and your Ally can get easier in his base. Or you can get his shaman with light and freeway for your ally.

Thats all I had on the top of my mind. Bad habits are any deviations from what you just read.



Walking Up

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Using Blast you can walk up hills much quicker.

Down Hill

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Whenever you get stuck on hills and you can’t get down. Go to the edge stop yourself to not move away as shown in the video, spam click d,d,d,d,d,d immediately after casting blast.

video by Rousfv

When jumping down slopes you dont lose any health, and you save 600 mana, because you need one blast and no LB.